• Each movement & silver base has been hand picked from yard sales, estate auctions & vintage road shows by a retired watch maker over various parts of Europe. Each movement is then matched to it’s same calibre and closest (if not the same) year of manufacture. The movement is then ultrasonically cleaned and mounted on rhodium plated sterling silver cufflink clasps.

    Sourcing Swiss vintage movements in good aesthetic condition, which are also from a matching calibre is becoming increasingly rare, furthermore no 2 sets are the same as all serial numbers, brands & calibers are engraved on the movement.

    Values can vary widely as some calibre’s were only manufactured for 2-3 years, while others were produced for 20+, generally older movements command higher values, it can be an online treasure hunt to find rare movements that have been given a new life as a Cufflink set.

    All cufflinks are presented in a new (vintage style) cufflink box and an authentication and valuation certificate. See example

    All cufflinks are available in Auckland for viewing/ purchase.

    ** Custom links (Patek, AP etc.) are possible, please get in touch.