Can You Trust Trusted.Com

Over the last 12 months I have been getting inquiries from collectors, buyers & sellers about

For those of you who don’t know Tag Heuer has partnered with Trusted.Com to allow consumers to check the authenticity of a serial number by verifying it on their website.

I never paid too much attention to this as I can spot a fake Tag a mile away, and during the last 12 months the few pieces I did check matched up, as per a Calibre 7 that was recently sold.

Over the last 2 months however, I have imported some pieces from Europe & Australia. 7 Tag Heuer pieces in total and none of them matched on

I knew these pieces were authentic as they came from licensed Tag Heuer dealers but I was still a little off put so I decided to get in touch with Trusted asking them what their policy is for listing Tag Heuer serial numbers.

I have attached the full reply below but in a nut shell only list Tag Heuer serial numbers from licensed dealers in the USA & Canada.

Any Tag Heuer watch sold outside of North America or with online retailers like Authentic Watches & JomaShop will not have the serial numbers listed. 

I estimate this excludes about 80% of all Tag Heuer watches worldwide. I suspect the reason for this is a push from licensed dealers to highlight the benefits of buying licensed vs online where consumers are saving 10 – 30% off new pieces.

In summary cannot be used to authenticate a Tag Heuer watch.

My next post will show key features of authentic vs fake Tag’s